NAPE 2023

Jordan Williams

Ms. Williams joined Gulf Exploration, LLC. as a Geologist in October 2018. In her role she is actively working on recompletion recommendations, exploring and evaluating prospects in Colorado and Oklahoma, as well as working with the operations team and testifying as an expert witness.  Jordan graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Geology in 2013. She continued onto graduate school, receiving her Masters of Science in 2017, focusing on the Geologic, Permeability, and Fracture Characterization of the Arbuckle Group in the Cherokee Platform. Prior to joining Gulf Exploration, Jordan worked a year for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in the technical department. She spent three years at the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the University of Oklahoma working on a wide range of projects; including working at the Oklahoma Petroleum Information Center, locating earthquakes, analyzing solid earth tides and the hydraulic properties of the Arbuckle formation in an effort to understand the impact on induced seismicity in State of Oklahoma through abandoned salt water disposal wells.